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October 21, 2011

Zero Defect Principle

This week, I attended a workshop and I kept on seeing the Zero Defect Principle. I never bothered to ask anyone about it because I was confident that it was self explanatory. For me, it means.. No Defect at all!!!

So, what's new? It is a principle that we would want to have but it will never be attained. It is and always will be where we want to be but it will never happen. Like me, I want to be perfect, but I'M ONLY HUMAN. I am weak, I am fragile, my ability is limited and I am breakable.

What moved me today was the input coming from one of our speakers. He said that "if you have a defect, then you are too late! " This statement strucked me ten folds!!! 

If you looked at it the other way around, it means that I let the defect or problem happened. It went through my eyes and I let it pass by!

I can go on and on regarding regret, failures and frustrations but the thing is.. YOU ARE EMPOWERED TO MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES

From this day and forward, "I CHOOSE TO UTILIZE THE "CAN DO ATTITUDE". How about you?


  1. nice topic!you are right, sometimes we try to be impeccable but as you said, that is impossible, people will always find flaws in us. maybe we should stop trying to be perfect for others and live according to what will make us happy.. :)